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The functions of human resource department are not common in all the organizations. It can vary to one organization to another. Human resource department of many companies can face many challenges like identification of the skills and talents of the employees tends to better utilization of knowledge base; increasing healthy and optimum effect of performance appraisal to be done on time; increasing effectiveness of recruitment process to hire new employees for the organization; Identification of skills and talents of employees for retention excellence. Read more

And to face these challenges, HR development has been given due importance by most of all the organizations belonging to all the sectors of the market. Organisations started focusing on employee development activities, this insists organizations to use innovative ways to support and motivate their needs of employees. Many organizations have gone beyond the traditional functions and developed HRMS which is one of those innovative ways, which most of the organizations have started using and implementing in their respective premises.

A Human Resource Management System refers to the systems and processes at the intersection between 'Human Resource Management' and 'Information Technology'. It merges different processes and functions of human resource management with Information technology.

Features :

  • Web based solution & User friendly interface
  • Data Migration tools
  • Export to Excel/PDF option for all lists and reports
  • Easy to integrate with Biometric device, Face recognition system, Legacy system, ERP systems
  • Easy to add new features or remove any existing feature
  • Easy to learn & operate by non-Computer background Employees.
  • Advance Search facility
  • Multiple Companies, Multiple locations and Role Management features
  • Powerful reporting with all the information available at a click of a button
  • Huge library of reports
  • SMS & Email alerts
  • Process salary by a single click
  • Upcoming Birthdays, Anniversaries, Announcements, Events, Quick Launch, Things to do on Employee login
  • Application/Employee Request approval workflow
  • Audit Trial or Log tracking
  • All masters/setup entries are dynamic
  • Technology upgrade- up to date with future technologies
  • Company, Branch, Department, Sub Department, Category, Sub category, designations, Pay cadre or Employee grade wise Employee grouping
  • Financial and Calendar Year wise payroll processing
  • Dynamic Salary formulas
  • Arrear Calculation
  • Salary Hold, Payment stop, recalculation, adjustment options
  • All masters/setup entries are dynamic
  • Employee dynamic code and Global ID management to keep entire history of Employee details
  • Employee Probation period
  • Employee’s job experience, Emergency contact, Nominee, Family, academic and qualification related details
  • Employee suspensions, salary cuts or terminations
  • Employee exit interview and Clearance
  • The attendance month period can be set different than the calendar month to take into account the cutoff provision to be able to give salaries on the 1st of every month.
  • Special working and Non working day settings
  • Timing policies configuration
  • Regular, Flexi and rotational shift types
  • Any combination of weekly offs can be set for a group of employees
  • Attendance on tour, punch missing and regularise based on requests
  • Monthly, Annually, based on attendance leave entitlement
  • Employee Overtime payment
  • Employee COff management
  • Employees can contribute extra voluntarily to their PF account
  • Loan or Advance EMI deduction automatically and reschedule loan or advance
  • Any number of pay heads can be defined
  • Employee TDS parameters, Investment declaration and calculation
  • Employee Bonus, Exgratia, Gratuity prediction and calculation



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