The functions of human resource department are not common in all the organizations. It can vary to one organization to another. Human resource department of many companies can face many challenges like identification of the skills and talents of the employees tends to better utilization of knowledge base; increasing healthy and optimum effect of performance appraisal to be done on time; increasing effectiveness of recruitment process to hire new employees for the organization; Identification of skills and talents of employees for retention excellence.Read more

Mahendratech Salon Management is one of the key components in planning for the growth of your business. Whether you are an independent contractor or own your own salon, you need to select the right software package that will help your business flourish. Read more

Mahendratech Inventory is highly customizable. Your inventory record can be customized per your requirements. And the tools to manage your inventory can be customized to meet your specific needs.
Mahendratech Inventory is a multi-user product for managing inventory. Whether you have one or many warehouse locations. Whether you use scanners, desktop computers, or both. .Read more

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    We have been using the salon management system created by mahendratech since 1 year now and it has helped us in salon management by providing us the system that understands all the requirement of salon for all perspective, be it employee, clients, stock, administration, accounts.