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Mahendratech Inventory is a multi-user product for managing inventory. Whether you have one or many warehouse locations. Whether you use scanners, desktop computers, or both. .

Mahendratech Inventory is highly customizable. Your inventory record can be customized per your requirements. And the tools to manage your inventory can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Features :

  • Web based and window based solutions
  • Role base Page access security
  • User friendly interface & Easy and flexible to operate
  • Integrate barcode facility ( scanner and reader )
  • Data import facility
  • Integrate Email and SMS facility
  • Multiple warehouse/locations Managment
  • Flexibal tax configration



    We have been using the salon management system created by mahendratech since 1 year now and it has helped us in salon management by providing us the system that understands all the requirement of salon for all perspective, be it employee, clients, stock, administration, accounts.